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Covid-19 Coronavirus Related Expenses

During the Covid-19 Coronavirus virus period, many self employed individuals have been incurring additional expenses as a result of the pandemic.

As with any expense, where it is wholly and solely for business purposes, it is usually allowable (unless restricted through specific HMRC rules), and CV19 items purchased for business purposes are eligible as expenses.

HMRC allows any purchases for safety around Covid-19 to be claimed as an expense, as well as any costs the business incurs as a result of informing clients or customers (or members!) that they are back in business and reopening.

For example, these could include expenses such as:

  • Hand sanitiser for group
  • New signage, banners or posters
  • CV19 plastic guards for around social team areas, pay, weigh, etc
  • Advertisements, or marketing/publicity to advise the group is reopening
  • Any reasonable expense incurred for the provision of promoting safety with reopening groups

If you have any queries on specific items, please ask in our Facebook Group

Updated on September 1, 2021

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