Logging your mileage

Adding mileage to the spreadsheet (Consultant)

It’s very likely that you’ll be driving at some point, whether to team meetings, Slimming World Head Office or even into town if travelling specifically for business purposes.

You can navigate to the Mileage form from the front dashboard. The section provides a brief introduction to mileage and how to claim. The system will automatically calculate for you, providing your mileage is under 10,000 miles per annum. If your miles are above this, please contact Malgra for assistance.

Once you have logged your annual miles, you can add the figure to the relevant box – the system will do the rest, and display the relevant allowance calculation on your Annual Report.

Team Developers

If you’re a Team Developer, the Spreadsheet includes a separate section to input your mileage. The input is identical to the instructions above.

Updated on March 5, 2021

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