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MalgraBooks Tax Spreadsheet: Error calculating expenses summary

  • Bugcode: F55
  • Products affected: MalgraBooks Free Consultant Spreadsheet
  • Note: This bug only appears in version 1.1 of the spreadsheet. Version 1.2 does not contain this error.
    You can view your version number on the Dashboard tab, and by looking at the top right of the screen.


Issue: The expenses table on the dashboard does not correctly calculate the expenses for the items listed in the right hand column

Cause: Incorrect lookup

Example of issue

On the screenshot above, the Business Expenses right hand column does not calculate correctly.

How to fix

  1. Select the cell next to the Office Equipment
  2. In the formula field at the top of the screen, change the code from =Sheet4!C14 to =Sheet4!B14 (change the C to B) and press the green tick

3. Reselect the cell again and click and hold the square in the right hand site of the cell. Drag this down to Misc (Do not overwrite the value in the Home Allowance field.

4. Save your file. The expenses will calculate automatically

Updated on January 8, 2018

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