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Team Developer Spreadsheet

]The article below relates to the 2019/20 Spreadsheet (referred to versions 3 or 4).
For the 2020/21 Spreadsheet, please refer to this section.

Our new Team Developer spreadsheet is designed to help log details of your income and expenses for your TD role.

This allows you to keep a separate log of your business performance, and you can then merge the final annual figures with your Consultant Spreadsheet figures, before submitting your tax return.

Please ensure you read the full guide before using!

We’ve launched our TD Spreadsheet in Beta, meaning although it’s in a later stage of production, and has been tested by our team, there could be minor bugs in the system. If you encounter anything unusual, do let us know!

Getting Started

To download the spreadsheet, login to your Malgra Plus account and choose ‘Team Developer Spreadsheet’ from the Account Benefits screen. The spreadsheet works with all versions of Microsoft Excel (from version 2003).

Main Dashboard

Once you’ve installed the spreadsheet and opened the main file, you’ll be taken to the Business Dashboard. From here, you’ll be able to see your annual report and access key areas of the spreadsheet.

The TD Spreadsheet doesn’t connect directly with the Consultant Spreadsheet (at this time), therefore you should regularly check your overall turnover figure (Income from Consultant Spreadsheet added with Income from TD Spreadsheet). If you are approaching the VAT Threshold, contact your accountant to understand the requirements for registration

Entering your figures

To start entering figures for your business, choose the relevant month from the bottom tabs. Then prepare to enter your income.

The top section of each monthly tab shows an overview of your business, based on the information you’ll enter in the next few stages.

Income – remittance advices

Each month, Slimming World provide you with a remittance advice to confirm the funds being paid to you. If you’re using the Cash Basis accounting route, you should use the date when you are paid by Slimming World as the date of the transaction.

Any other income you receive as a TD can be added here, such as bonuses.


As a TD, you’ll experience expenses relating to the role. You can log these in the Expenses section with details of each expense incurred and the amount. For example, this could be anything you’ve paid as a result of being a TD, such as accommodation or travel charges (not mileage – this is further along this guide!), room hire for team meetings, etc.

There’s around 20 rows available for you to use here, for the monthly expenses incurred.


You can log your overall mileage on the relevant tab, or by using the link on the business dashboard. The system will automatically calculate your overall expenses based on HMRC guidance.

Details on relevant mileage are available in the Knowledge Base Article.

Annual Report

The system provides a basic overall annual report when you’ve completed the spreadsheet which can be printed as a PDF or onto a landscape A4 document.

You can access your report from the main overall dashboard.

Download Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is available as part of Malgra Plus – you can register and download the spreadsheet here.

Updated on May 21, 2021

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