Malgra eLearning Portal – Testing

Early this month, we asked consultants what extra features/help and support they’d like in regards to tax responsibilities – and eLearning was the most popular option (over 70% of votes cast).

We’re looking for ‘testers’ to try a new system to take an ‘introduction to self employment’ online course. It takes approximately 30 minutes maximum, with a short ‘quiz’ at the end (only for your learning – it’s not graded officially!)
If you’d like to be part of the trial, please complete the below form. We’ll be opening this up to small number at first through random selection if we have a large influx of applications.
Depending on feedback, we’ll be looking to roll out the full system in early 2018.
Malgra has invested into a online learning portal, and we’re aiming to provide most (if not all) courses free of charge through the online system. Depending on costs, we may need to introduce a small nominal charge (less than £10) for the full course to help contribute to the running costs, depending on how popular this is.

Trial Form

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