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Accounting for group losses (where income is below expenses)

Note The below scenario is different to where you don’t get paid by a customer which is known as Bad Debts.

On occasion, you may find that your group doesn’t make any income after all expenses for the group have been considered.

In these scenarios, where you don’t receive any additional funds from Slimming World or any consultant (i.e. for group cover), you may still need to pay out more than has been earned in group.

You should still log your income/expenses as normal – the overall accounts would show that the income this week was below the expenses, however no further evidence is required for this.

Example: Juliet runs a group as normal, with a rental payment of £50 due for the room hire.

The number of members who attend group don’t cover the £50 rental payment by the end of group, and therefore the group has made a loss.

The income from the group (PFS Document) would be processed as normal, as would the expenses – the overall business accounts would show that an expense occurred, but income didn’t cover the amount.

Although it may seem disheartening, it is possible that this is a one-off situation (e.g. group which runs between Christmas and New Year) where member numbers drop. If you have concerns, speak with Slimming World directly for support during these scenarios.

Relief Groups with supported earnings (additional uplifts)

Please refer to the Group Cover article for situations where your sundries may be adjusted accordingly to cover a set, fixed amount, which has been agreed for your group.

Updated on February 17, 2023

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