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Customise Your Spreadsheet

This screen allows you to make some small basic changes to your spreadsheet to customise the system for use.

You can choose a name for your business here – this will then reflect through the spreadsheet on reports. The standard name is ‘ABC Slimming World’, however you may choose to change this to something personal.

There are also boxes to complete with your group information as shown below.

Consultants occasionally run more than one ‘main’ group – this being the permanent groups which are a part of your licence. This section shouldn’t be used for relief groups unless you take them on as a main group at a later time.

The spreadsheet will refer to groups with their numbers, which is set as ‘Group 1’, ‘Group 2’ etc if this section isn’t completed. However to make things easier for completion of your document later in the year, you can add some information to customise how these appear, so that you don’t need to remember that your Monday Night group is referenced as ‘Group 3’ in the document.

In this section, you’re asked for three items of information about each group:

  • The group reference number (this is found on the top of your PFS Document and within your XPW kit) and is how the group is referred to by head office
  • Which day of the week the group is run
  • What time of day the group is run

The reason for providing just the day/time for the group is to make it simpler to reference the groups.

For example, you may run three different groups on different days in the same location. Calling them the ‘NewTown Group’ three times wouldn’t help, but knowing that ‘Group 1’ is now your Wednesday Evening group would be far simpler.

As such, this section can be filled in with the relevant information, with the below example demonstrating how to complete these fields.

Once complete, you can continue to the Country Selection screen.

Updated on February 17, 2023
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