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HMRC Tax Return – 4: Fill In Your Return (Employment)

Due to the nature of the tax system, we cannot provide information covering each eventuality within the tax guide. With tax matters, everyone is different, and not all questions listed below may appear on your return. Where your circumstances are more complex than just standard employment and self employment, do check for professional assistance to complete your return.

If you declared you were employed, you’ll have a new section appear on your tax return requesting details of your employment. This page provides details of the questions asked.

Note: To complete this section, you’ll need a P45 or P60 from your employer. It’s a legal requirement that they provide you with this document, so keep it safe as you’ll need this information to complete the employer section

Employer Name

In this section, complete the name of your employer (legal name) which appears on your P45/P60 document.

PAYE Reference

The PAYE Reference number is a code which HMRC use to link your records to those provided by your employer. It’s usually a code which looks like the below example:


This will appear on your P45 and P60 document. It is not your National Insurance or Employee Number.

Pay from XYZ Company

This is the total amount of pay provided on your P45/P60 before the tax has been deducted

Tax taken off XYZ Company Pay

This is the total amount of tax deducted from your pay

Tips and other payments not on your P60

If you received any tips which were not processed through Payroll, you should declare these here

Where you a director of this company?

If you were a named director (within Companies’ House) for the organisation, choose YES and provide details.

Did you receive any taxable benefits and expense payments from XYZ Company?

If you received any of these, you may have a P11D form issued by your employer. You’ll need this document to complete this section.

Do you wish to claim any employment expenses or capital allowances while working for Malgra ?

If you incurred any allowable costs for doing your job which the employer didn’t pay in expenses, you can declare this here.

Next steps

When you’ve completed the first page, you’ll be taken to a supplementary page(s) depending on the number of options you choose. We’ll cover key ones here:

Employment benefits and expenses

If your employer provided any benefits (such as Private Medical Insurance/Dental Insurance, company cars or any vouchers etc), you will be asked for them next if you declared you received these on the previous page.

To complete this section, you’ll need your P11D which lists each benefit and the amount paid. There are categories for this, and you’ll be able to find the relevant one on your P11D document (for example, company cars are listed in boxes F and G box 9 on the P11D).

Additional Information

It’s unlikely you need to provide anything here unless there is something to clarify. HMRC will not respond to any queries here.

Finish this section

Click the ‘Save’ button when you’ve finished and you’ll be done with this section.

Updated on February 17, 2023

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