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Marketing Activity: Taster Evenings, competitions and Sampling

If you’re running any type of marketing activity, on the basis of growing your business, you can claim for the expenses incurred as part of this activity, as long as it’s for business use.

This could be during a taster event, or the launch of a new product – any costs incurred as part of the marketing exercise can be claimed as a business expense.

Example: Claire provides free samples of a new product available exclusively within her group shop – the expenses incurred for this would be claimable as it is a marketing expense

Example 2: Matt is running a promotional activity in the community and offers a ‘free prize draw’ to visitors. The cost of running the draw (such as raffle tickets and the prize) can be claimed as an expense

When considering the item which is being given away, it should be proportionate to the marketing activity – for example, it may not be suitable for a small business to be running a competition to win a new car.

As always, receipts should be kept, as well as details of the activity, in case of any query.

Updated on July 20, 2023
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