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Marketing, Advertising and Subscriptions

As part of your Self Employment, it is likely you’ll incur some expense towards advertising or marketing. This page lists typical items which you may be able to claim for.

  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Subscriptions
  • Sponsorship


In order to grow your business, you may choose to pay for advertising or marketing options. You should ensure that any claim is wholly for business purposes, such as leaflets or banners.

Examples of items you can claim include:

  • Promotional Materials – Visuals, leaflets, banners
  • Online Advertising – Facebook Adverts, Google Adsense
  • Offline Advertising – Billboards, Leaflets, Newspaper adverts
  • Local Advertising – Mailshots, leaflet distribution companies, local shop charges for advertising
  • Text Messaging
  • Free Samples – e.g. hifis for sample use
  • Website costs

Note: For team advertisements, please see this separate article.


If you have any professional subscriptions (e.g. part of a trade body or professional organisation related to your business), you can claim these as part of your business expenses. Additionally, any subscriptions you may have for products or services (like renewing advertisements or promotional tools) can be claimed.


Some colleagues consider sponsoring a team or club with the purpose of advertising their business. This is different to ‘charity donations’ (which are not eligible) but are seen as a marketing tool and can be claimed.

Updated on February 17, 2023

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