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How long do I need to keep records for?

Each year, you’ll probably have a lot of paperwork by the time you complete and submit your tax return – all your expenses, income statements, even down to small receipts for parking and possibly buying a pack of stamps several years ago! So how long do you need to keep records for?

At the end of the year, it is good practice to file all records into a folder and store somewhere safe. You are required by HMRC to keep your records for at least 5 years after the 31 January submission deadline for that tax year, therefore you may end up with a lot of files to keep everything safe and secure!

An example of the timescale is below:

Hannah submitted her 2022/23 tax return online by the 31 January 2024 deadline. She must keep the records until at least the end of January 2029.

And here is a simple table for the past few years:

Tax YearOnline Submission DeadlineKeep Records Until
2015/1631 January 2017End of January 2022
2016/1731 January 2018End of January 2023
2017/1831 January 2019End of January 2024
2018/1931 January 2020End of January 2025
2019/2031 January 2021End of January 2026
2020/2131 January 2022End of January 2027
2021/2231 January 2023End of January 2028
2022/2331 January 2024End of January 2029
2023/2431 January 2023End of January 2030
Updated on February 17, 2023
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