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Sundries (Incomes and Expenses)

Sundries (where you receive income from Slimming World) is another form of income. However sundries may also be an expense as well if you are paying money to Slimming World directly. Both are given as examples in this article.

Sundries as an income

Example is provided below:

Janet uses a gift voucher in your group, and £25 is credited to you as part of the ‘sundries’ section of your account

The £25 is classed as standard income, and should be included as part of your tax return.

This could also be a smaller amount each week which is paid to you, such as SWOR Commission.

It is worth pointing out that if the member purchased a gift card through you (e.g. through an eShop order), this would be classed as a separate transaction as an income (the member paid you) and the expense (your order with Slimming World on the eShop).

Sundries as an expense

On the flip side, Sundries can be taken away from you. One example of this could be the weekly XpressWeigh Insurance amount.

If you run a group every week of the year (52 weeks), this would equal a simple rate of £52 as your expense (where the XPW Insurance fee is £1).

Accounting for Sundries on Malgra Spreadsheets

Please see this article for guidance on how to account for sundries on our spreadsheet system.

Updated on February 17, 2023

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