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Adding Custom Expense Categories

This article relates to the 24/25 Cloud Spreadsheet system for Essentials and Advanced packages

When adding expenses to the monthly summaries, you can add a category against specific items. Although this is optional, the system will generate a report showing the total spend against each category.

Standard Categories

As standard, the below categories are available on Cloud Accounts systems.

CategoriesExample expenses
CommunicationsMobile, Phone, Broadband costs
Countdown ExtensionsCountdown Extensions purchased in advance
EquipmentiPad, Mobile Phone, Card Reader
FinancialCharges for bank, Interest
Group ConsumablesInterest table, venue items
Motivational ItemsAwards, Certificates, etc
OfficeStationery, pens, paper, etc
PromotionalAdvertisements, leaflets, etc
Stock (eShop)Recipe Books, tools, eshop items
SubscriptionMalgraBooks, Storage, Office365
TravelTrain tickets, parking, bus

Custom Categories

The system will also allow the addition of up to 5 custom categories which can be added through the ‘Additional Settings’ link on your dashboard.

To add a new category, simply overwrite the text in the Custom Category Fields section. In the example below, we’ve added two new options for Storage Rental Costs and Website Costs.

Once added, click the ‘Main Menu’ button at the top of the screen and head back to your monthly data entry screen. The new options will show in the drop down in the expenses section as shown below.


You can view summaries of the expense categories on your Annual Report. In the example below, the Custom Fields have followed through and show the relevant costs against this.

Updated on April 1, 2024
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