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Mileage and Working From Home (VAT)

This article rates to the MalgraBooks VAT Service. For our premium service, please see this article.

This screen provides a section to log any mileage you’ve encountered during the relevant months, and any Working From Home allowances.


Eligible mileage can be entered in the box above as the relevant figure – in the example above, we’ve logged 37 miles for the month of April 2023.

We recommend logging all business travel in your A5 Mileage Tracker provided when you joined MalgraBooks. This can then be used to summarise and calculate the relevant values.

Mileage to/from your main groups is not permitted. See the Mileage article for details.

Working From Home

When calculating the Working From Home allowance, HMRC allow a set value to be claimed instead of using the proportioning system (which can have other complexities – see the full article here for details).

You can add the number of hours to the relevant boxes – for example, in the image above we’ve declared 34 hours were worked from home for May 2023.

Updated on June 29, 2023

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