Relief Group Cover

The relief group cover tables require the weekly group summaries for each group – this is located in a different section of Our World and is through the account viewer.

The relief group section allows for input of up to 90 relief groups throughout the financial year. If you’re covering a group on long term relief, you may prefer to use the monthly PFS document and input the information into your monthly spreadsheet sections, just with your main groups.

Reminder: Relief or cover of other groups may disappear from your account viewer, therefore input the information as soon as possible after the group has ended.

Relief Groups

The tables are setup similarly to the monthly PFS data input, however also include the ability to add the group number and the date of group for your reference.

Ensure you enter the correct relief groups under the relevant quarters. The system will warn you if you try to input details in the wrong section as shown below.

Inputting information

To input information, you’ll need your weekly summary available on Our World.

We’re going to work through the below example for the fictional Ambridge group.

The information you need from this section is provided at the bottom of the screen. In this example, the selected group is 123456 Ambridge on 29 December 2022.

The only item not provided at the bottom is the sundries – but you can locate this figure in the main table.

The numbers are then input to the spreadsheet as below:

Sundries, as with the monthly summaries, should be only entered if the figure is negative.

Slimming World are increasingly using the sundries field to provide details of income and expenses which don’t fall into other categories. Where the sundries value are calculations, we recommend adding them to the relevant month tab (i.e. the income and expenses section). Future versions of our accounting software are planned to include additional income/expenses on the relief group section.

You can continue to add any relief groups to the system, and the overall total will update at the top corner of the screen. This is then transferred through to the quarterly MTD and annual reports for your account, shown below.

Updated on February 17, 2023

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